Using This Website

Navigating the Site

  • The left-hand navigation contains links to state- and county-level measures. All of the links take you to a page that displays a map of the US, a graph of the 50 states, the raw data, and a text discussion of each measure - all accessible by clicking the tabs located across the top of the page. Where county-level data are available, there is the statement "click on any state for county-level data" located above the US map and a tab for the county-level raw data.
  • The "Special Analyses" link located at the top of the website provides access to detailed data and research - most of which are associated with the measures accessible from the left-hand navigation.
  • The "Race/Ethnicity" link located at the top of the website contains data and information broken out by race/ethnicity.
  • The "Policy Questions" link located at the top of the website provides access to a broad list of policy questions and directs you to measures on the site that help to answer the questions. Also provided are "other important questions to ask your higher education leaders" - which require data that are not on this site but typically available in state higher education and government data bases.
  • The "Data and Maps" link located in the top right corner of the website has two features:
    • First, it allows you to generate custom data tables (Excel or text format) from any data housed on this website.
    • Second, it allows you to map any data element (not just those on the website) for the US or any state by county. The maps are downloadable for use in presentations or documents (see below). Just follow the instructions provided for each of these procedures.

Downloading/Copying Maps and Graphs


To download a map or graph, right-click with your mouse on the image. Then save as a picture (in Bitmap or JPEG format). You can insert into MS PowerPoint or Word by using the "insert picture" function.

Copying and Pasting

To copy a map or graph directly into a presentation or document, right-click with your mouse on the image. Then select "copy". Then "paste" directly into MS PowerPoint or Word.


Once you have inserted or copied the picture, to resize it be sure to hold down the "shift" and "control" keys simultaneously on your key board so the dimensions of the image will stay intact. While pressing these two keys, click on the image with your mouse and drag one of the corners to resize it.

Downloading Data

All of the data tables in the left-hand navigation and those generated in the "Data and Maps" section are downloadable in MS Excel or text format. The option to download is located at the bottom of each data table.