Generate Your Own Map

Step 1: Download a Template

You can download a national template, which contains rows for all 50 states. You can also download state templates, which contain rows for each county in a particular state. Select the template you want from the dropdown list and click Download to save it to your computer.

Download Template for:  as

Step 2: Fill in the data

Using a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel, fill in the column next to each state or county name with the data you want to map. Save your spreadsheet in Tab Delimited text format.

Step 3: Upload and generate map

Click Browse in the form below and select your tab delimited data file from the above steps. Enter a Title and Source in the text boxes, then click Generate Map. That's it!


Source: (optional)

Upload your tab-delimited file:

Step 4: Save the map image, if desired

Once the map is generated, right-click on the map image. Then, "Save As" a JPEG file. You can import this file (and resize if necessary) into Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.